How to publish your resource upload request



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How to publish your resource upload request

e-resources-mall » 周二 5月 05, 2020 11:32 pm

Although you can share/exchange any e-resources inside the forum freely with other users, however you should consider to upload your resources to the "E-resources Mall" Shop. By uploading your e-resources to the Shop, you will have the following benefits:

  1. Increase the visibility, trustability, and attract more buyers for your e-resources.
  2. Generate passive income permanently for every single purchase after being purchased (90% of income).
  3. A shop moderator will help you advertising/promoting your e-resources (10% of income paid to the moderator).
  4. Rise your profile inside the Forum, which will bring your extra other benefits.

To maintain the high quality of the electronic resources and reduce the potential spam at the "E-resources Mall" Shop app.php/aps/shop , all e-resources uploaded to the Shop will need to be moderated before uploading (by Shop moderator). If you want to upload your e-resources to the Shop, it can be done through the following step:

  1. Submit a post to briefly describe the e-resources you would like to submit to the Shop and the Price you asked for.
  2. A Shop moderator will review your e-resources and notify both by sending private message inside the Forum and email .
  3. If your e-resources is accepted by the Shop, the moderator will contact you to arrange uploading.